Food Project

Royals Home was founded in 2014 as an NGO in Pakistan and is therefor registrated and know at the Pakistani Government. The foundation was founded in 2014 by Hans Versleijen from the Netherlands Ev. James Masih and his wife Takmila, Faisal James Masih and Sana James Masih from Pakistan. The situation for christians is in need for help so we decided to establish Royals Home Pakistan. To help Orphans, widows and also single parent families. First of all we bought a house in the middle of Faisalabad. From here we can help kids and have group meetings to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.We have some more Projects which are running or in process of development.

Miracle Tree Project

The Miracle Tree Project is a very interesting one. Pakistan and a lot of other countries have a problem with malnutrition.

Right in these places there is a tree thats goes by the name of Moringa. The leaves and the beans from this tree are just the right thing to have!

The leaves have so much nutrition in it that it could help lots of families.

The beans / peas from this tree have the ability to filter water to the best possible conditions ever. Test in Germany and Switzerland  show quality results that outperform even our bottled water.

School Project

We started the school project for the kids from the total of 57 children we are sending now 12 of them to school.

Literacy rate is very low in Pakistan as compared to other countries. Pakistan’s literacy rate has declined from 60 percent to 58 percent, as revealed by the economic survey of Pakistan