Royals Home was founded in 2014 as an NGO in Pakistan and is therefor registrated and known at the Pakistani Government. The foundation was founded in 2014 by Hans Versleijen from the Netherlands James Masih and his wife Takmila, Faisal James Masih and Sana James Masih from Pakistan. The situation for children in need for help so we decided to establish Royals Home Pakistan. To help Orphans, widows and also single parent families. First of all we bought a house in the middle of Faisalabad. From here we can help kids and have group meetings to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.We have some more Projects which are running or in process of development.

Faisal James

Royals Home

Faisal James Masih always in action to help the kids. He has a hart for the kids to help them to get food and education. His dream is to have a safe place for the orphan kids so they can go to school and enjoy their lives by having a good childhood. 

We are giving disadvantaged children and teens the opportunity to develop themselves and become worthy members of the society. We teach them to love others, with the love that God the Father gives. We teach not only spiritual values, but also having a practical approach in their daily way of living. In this way, we are supporting the construction of a worthy, solid and righteous community of God fearing people.